Be part of Flink Forward San Francisco

You’re interested in the latest and greatest on Apache Flink® and are keen to make an impact behind the scenes at this exciting conference?

Then join us at the first Flink Forward in San Francisco and become a volunteer. It’s a unique opportunity to participate in the premier conference on Apache Flink®. Volunteers will be responsible for various conference duties such as accreditation and stage management.

#FFSF17 Preview: Real-time Anomaly Detection with Mux

Last month, software engineer Scott Kidder (@hexdumpster) of Mux published a popular post on his company’s blog titled “Discovering Anomalies in Real-Time with Apache Flink”. The post covered Mux’s process for adding anomaly-detection alerting to its product, starting with evaluating different streaming frameworks through to which Apache Flink® operators are used in the application.

Introducing Keynote Speaker Monal Daxini

We proudly present our second keynote speaker for Flink Forward San Francisco: Monal Daxini, Engineering Leader at Netflix.

Monal Daxini is a seasoned engineering leader; currently responsible for managing Stream Processing cloud infrastructure for business insights at Netflix. He has worked on Netflix’s Cassandra & Dynamite infrastructure, and was instrumental in developing the first cloud compute infrastructure for encoding Netflix content.